This Little Girl Is Only 2 Yrs Old. So You’re Going To Be SHOCKED When You Hear Her Say THIS!

A baby’s brain is like sponge. They pick up almost everything that adults say and do. Sometimes they pick up good things, sometimes not so much. Eric Palonen uploaded this video of his daughter Josie who he refers to as a “diva in training” and you’ll see why after you watch this clip.

Eric says that, “Every once in a while, Josie will go on a tangent and it’s usually quite funny. She certainly knows how to SOUND like an adult…” This little girl definitely has been listening to her mom and dad carefully! I really couldn’t hold in my laughter when I saw this little girl!

This little girl is upset because one of the women who is watching her while her parents are out is Mimi. Apparently, Mimi said a bad word and this little girl was highly offended and decides not to talk to anyone there. But when they question her, she just keeps talking to them, and she sounds like an adult!

After about a minute of questioning her about what’s wrong, she finally admits that Mimi said a bad word. The woman filming this wants to know what Mimi said and the little girl reveals the bad word. Wait till you hear what it is. I’m not revealing it here. So after  hearing this bad word, this little girls says she is going to tell her parents when they pick her up, but not until she goes home to “take a rest.”

Watch this hilarious clip below! They grow up too fast don’t they? Share your thoughts about this in the comments!

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