Little girl and animal friends have their own Christmas party

Prepare yourself for the cutest Christmas party ever. Lexi invites her animal friends to share holiday joys in her home.

Emma Massingale is a pro horse trainer and a huge lover of animals. Her affection for horses was passed down to her niece, Lexi. One day, Lexi was playing with her toys and had a bright fun idea for a party.

She invited her horse and all of his friends over for Christmas. But when they arrived, it wasn’t the guests she expected.

The first guest to arrive was a cat with a truck full of gifts. The second guest was a dog, dragging along a sleigh of gifts. With the party now full, everyone opened their gifts and had a great time.

They were having such a good time, that neighbors took notice and more guests arrived. Party games were played, and everyone in attendance was declared a winner.

The video plays out like a kid’s imagination come to life. Lexi does a good job with acting, although it’s clear she was having the time of her life. With the popularity of this Christmas video, you can expect to see a lot more of Lexi and her friends.

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