A little girl sings an Elvis classic, but wait until you listen to her brother join in!

How many stars have you seen born? Now, how many of those stars have been siblings? Probably not that many. If you’re thinking that the first sibling group to make it big were the Jonas Brothers, then you’ll need to think a little harder. About 10 years before the Jonas Brother, there was a group of brothers who made it big with their voices and their songs. They were the Hanson Brothers.

The Hanson Brothers chose to go by the band name ‘Hanson’ and they would strike it big. They started out as three brothers from Oklahoma who loved singing and writing songs. They started singing in 1992 when they were only 11, 9 and 6. The only thing was, being so young, they weren’t allowed to play gigs in bars, where they would probably have the most success.

So, they would play anywhere they could. Soon after, they met the man who would later become their manager, and the rest, as they say, is musical history. They went on to be very successful and earn Grammy nominations for their records. The thing about them that surprised me more, was that they managed to keep a clean lifestyle, which rarely happens in the industry.

Once you get fame and you hit it big, it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, fame can really change a person, usually not in very good ways. They have been able to keep current although producing albums that are pretty much outside mainstream media. They remain active to this day, and they have just launched a new single by the name of “I was born.”

After them, of course, came the Jonas Brothers who had as big of a hit as the Hanson’s, maybe even more. They topped hit charts and they had a lot of sold-out performances. One of them even went on to have a reality show, which showed a peek at how it was like to live like him. All in all, they have been very successful in music, and have even gotten some acting gigs.

Well, the next video is pretty much the birth of the next sibling singers. Her name is Capri and she starts singing an Elvis Presley classic. Her rendition is stunning, and just when I thought that her brother was only there to play the keyboard, he joins in the vocals. I swear he sounds just like Elvis Presley and even has some of those ‘young Elvis’ looks. This is history in the making!