Little goat kid sneaks up to kiss barn cat

Hope and Chris ran the Sun Flower Creamery located in Cumberland, Maine. The couple had a farm full of Nigerian Dwarf Goats and their babies, which they raised as their own.

However, the little goat kids always tried to find new ways to make friends with other animals. Finally, however, the babies tried to befriend the barn kitty, which had caught their attention this time.

The fluffy cat had suddenly walked into the enclosure to drink water and grabbed the attention of the young ones. The baby goats followed the kitty as if she was a Pied Piper playing the flute.

However, the barn kitty was not interested in anything the kids wanted to do. Unbothered by their presence, the cat moved away from the barn enclosure. However, the goat babies played on top of the hay bale.

Outside the barn enclosure, the gray cat walked on the fence unbothered by the goat kids trying to follow her. One of them was so curious about the kitty that the little one decided to get a bit friendlier.

The goat kid walked toward the kitty, sleeping on the green grass and resting for a while. Then, slowly and calmly, the cute kid approached the cat and tried to sneak a kiss.

The barn cat was bothered by the fact that the goat kid had encroached on her personal area. So she decided to move away from the baby goat. So that she could search for a new space where she could rest.

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Little goat kid sneaks up to kiss barn cat