Little Kitten Is Demanding Her Father Feed Her. Three Seconds In, I Was Smitten.

There are times when cats can be both cute and annoying at the same time. My male cat claims that title when he climbs on my chest while I’m sleeping and headbutts my chin to wake me up so that I can feed him. It’s so adorable that I have to pat his head but I also have to keep from strangling him if he wakes me from a dream. Kittens are a whole separate matter – take this video of one who is VERY hungry.

We see Marmalade, a very young kitten, looking right into the camera. Apparently, her daddy is preparing her dinner and she is very vocal about wanting to get the food NOW. It’s so cute watching her meow while looking at the camera with those wide, expressive eyes. It makes me want to open up a can of cat food and feed her right then and there – though I think I’d break my laptop if I tried that.

Marmalade is dead-set on getting her food. There’s one part where she holds her meow for an extra beat or two. Yeah, that’s going to get her daddy’s attention for sure. I bet about two seconds after the video stops, she’s at a dish, gobbling down her food like there’s no tomorrow. There’s only one really annoying thing when it comes to their meowing – if they do it when I’m opening a can, I am NOT happy if they make me cut my finger with the top…

My female cat gets like this when I’m preparing her dish. She meows incessantly, as if she’s afraid that I’m going to forget to feed her, even though I have given her food every night for the past 800+ days. Noooo, if she doesn’t meow, I’m just going to walk out of the kitchen without feeding her. Yeah, right. I can’t get too mad at her though, since she’s so darn adorable when she does it, just like Marmalade.

Would you feed Marmalade right then and there? Does your cat or kitten act like this? Tell us your stories in the comments section!

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