Little Pup Did This To Find The Kids Hiding Under That Pool

Dogs are the friendliest, most playful creatures on the whole planet, and the dog in this video is no exception. They are playful, faithful, and full of energy every single day, and they can even risk their life for their friends and owners. That wasn’t necessary in this video though, because there was no water in this pool. These kids decide to play a prank on their beloved family Labrador retriever, and he falls for it. If you are a big fan of dogs like me, then this video is a great treat for you.

This clip features a little black Labrador who is playing with his human best friends in the back yard. They were out in the yard and mom was filming the video. One minute they are all playing together, and the next the kids are gone. The dog looks around and is searching for them. Then we see this lab approaching the pool, but where are his little human friends? He suspects they are hiding under the inflatable pool, and sure enough, when he investigates, there they are! They were hiding under the pool! Mom says, “Where are they?” and this lab knows exactly where they are and how to find them. He dashes under the pool to join them, but gets carried away and begins running with the pool on his head! After running into a couple of trees because he can’t see where he’s going, he finally stops, allowing the kids to catch up.

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