Local Kids Steal Her Puppies But This Mama Dog Was Not Losing The Last One

It should go without saying that every dog deserves a loving home. For some dogs, this is not a possibility. For those who believe that we have a serious talk population issue, my answer would be that the only one responsible for dog overpopulation is us. We have bred dogs for centuries. Initially, dog breeding obeyed a certain purpose.

The first of these purposes was for cattle protection. Most of the population Cattle or sheep and they needed to have them protected from predators. These predators often were foxes or even wolves. The first protection breeds descended from the breeds that the Romans used. These were mostly large dogs that use their size and strength to keep predators away.

These breeds were very successful and some of their descendants are still with us today, like the Rottweiler and the Mastiff. Over the course of the years, we started to rely on other activities to survive. One of these other activities was hunting. Hunting initially was done for survival, but later was done for the sport. One of the first animals that were hunted for sport were foxes.

These animals were really hard to catch because they blended in with their surroundings and they were very fast. There were times that hunters were on their trail and they lost track of the animal. For this purpose, the hound was bred. They possess superior smell and could detect their prey from miles away.

A civilization began to flourish more breeds appeared. Some of these breeds were only made as ornaments. Most of them were very small dogs. This is where the concept of lapdog originated from. Today, we still have lapdogs such as the Chihuahua or cocker spaniel who depend on humans for food and survival. Because of their size, these dogs have a very difficult time surviving on their own. When one of these dogs gets lost or is abandoned it usually doesn’t live for very long. This is especially true if there are a lot of stray dogs in the area.

One of these small dogs got lost. Her owner and abandoned her when he moved. This poor dog was left to fend for herself. While living on the street she became pregnant. She was forced to live in the same yard worker or original owner lived. Some people fixed a den for her as she became pregnant. The neighborhood kids stole her puppies leaving only one. This is where hopes forepaws stepped in responding to a call for an abandoned dog. Will they be able to rescue her?