Locked out of the house? Then this clever trick will save the day

“Hacking”, the term we think of when some ruthless person breaks into the memory of your computer and steals personal information that can be used for identity theft, or even bank fraud. But have you ever heard of the term “lifehakers”? These ingenious people are a group of “Think-outside-the-box” specialists that can make the everyday chore a lot easier and a lot more fun. Their philosophy is simple, Can we make life better, easier, faster or smarter?

One such lifehaker Dave Hax, no it’s not his real name, has become one of the most popular people in this genre of thinking. He has a very successful YouTube channel that shows subscribers many ways to make their lives easier. But how does he come up with new ideas? “I’ve always got my eyes and ears open to new ideas” he states, “If I see or hear something which I think is fun and has e good useful element to it, I’ll consider making a video about it. I also come up with completely fresh ideas myself and I like to rework classic things to give my twist on them”.

Now should you be in a dilemma, rather than go into panic mode, stop and think about the problem, and how best to solve it. Dave says that “A good lifehack should serve a purpose, whether it’s to speed something up, make something easier, safer or more efficient. It could involve modifying or using something in a different way to what it was originally intended for”. At one point or another most of us have taken a wire coat hanger to retrieve those keys that we have locked in the car, I giess that makes us lifehackers as well.

Now speaking of keys, have you ever been in need of a spare house key? You come home from work and realize that the house keys are sitting on your desk, the last thing you want to do is get back on the train, travel back into the city to pick them up, oh…..if only you had that spare set cut when you first thought about it. Our friend Dave has obviously had this problem so he put his mind to making his own key using just a lighter, some tape and a used food tin.

Dave is a very clever man, his ideas are way to the left of center, and after watching the video below it gave me the inspiration to start thinking like these lifehackers think. For those who have spent many hours working on their cars, you will know a few short cuts that help make life a little easier. How many of you out there have made an emergency gasket out of a cereal box? You see, we are all lifehackers in our own little way.

Click on the link and be surprised just how easy it is to make your own spare house key, you will never be locked out again.