Loud Dog Was Told To Keep It Down. How He Responded Will Shock You.

Have you ever seen a dog that can be told to bark softly? How about a dog that can be told to bark really really really soft it almost sounds like a whisper? No way right? Well, you are about to.

It’s true, in this video you will see a dog named Brody who can! And several other dogs too in fact. What a nifty trick some dog’s owners have taught their dog to do.

In the beginning, owner tells Brody to speak and the obedient pooch barked like any regular dog would. When owner tells him to whisper, he lowers the volume of his bark.

Brody’s awesome trick is getting really positive feedback on Youtube. People compliment him out of awe and adoration, and others are looking forward to teach this cool trick to their dog as well.

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