Lovable Dalmatian Puppy Just Wants To Play! A Young Cat Wants Nothing To Do With Her. Aww.

We all have different things we love doing. When you are young the instinct to play overcomes your understanding of “maybe I’m annoying people.” This isn’t always met with an result of fun for all, but if you’re on the outside of it, looking in, the result is pretty amazing. To be an observer when it’s clear that two parties are arguing or fighting or trying to play together has left me in tears a lot of the time. It’s so much easier when you aren’t involved in the clash, maybe occasionally playing devil’s advocate, but if it’s between a dog and a cat? I couldn’t get off the floor I was laughing so hard. I just want to squeeze both with hugs and love. One of the most preciously misunderstood aspects of being a puppy or kitten is understanding that sometimes, others have work or tasks to do before they can relax. Yet, animals have a way to them, a schedule of when to pester for love. Even when you are balancing things on top of your head, juggling books, a cat or puppy will think, “Now’s the perfect time to play, I’ll just nestle right next to him or her.”

Such is the case with Dottie the Dalmatian. She desperately wants Jack the cat to play. Completely ignoring that they are different species. It’s important to try to find those who aren’t like you, this can lead to an expanse of fun that you never knew was there before. It can be refreshing even when you find someone who plays differently than you do. That way you can experience a different level of fun and possibly bridge a relationship based not off of looks, but out of quality. Dottie will find herself rather displeased when Jack’s reaction let’s her know all to clearly that she is not in the mood.

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