This Lovebird Was Born With Splayed Legs And Was Abandoned By His Parents!

Birds finish developing after breaking out the egg. Any birth defect automatically disqualifies them from receiving love and support from their parents. Sometimes, if the baby bird smells differently from mom, that is enough to abandon the little anime to its fate. The following story shows a special needs bird that managed to pull through with some help!

Meet Benjamin, a lovebird,  he was born with splayed legs, a condition that occurs when an abnormal amount of lateral force on the legs and feet cause the long bones and sockets of the upper leg to bent outwards and sideways. This condition limited his ability to walk. It also prompted Benny’s parents to ignore him and virtually abandon him.

Fortunately, Benjamin’s siblings stepped in. His older brothers and sisters pitched in to feed the little bird. This helped Benjamin get through the first few weeks of his life, which are crucial to lovebirds. Their love and nourishment gave him a shot at life.  Afterwards, his human owners took him to a vet where his legs were corrected.

Benjamin grew up to be a healthy, loving lovebird all thanks to the help of his siblings and owners. This story of cooperation and compassion is truly uplifting!

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