Luke Bryan Dons A Sporty Leotard, Performs “Single Ladies” Dance Number. OMG, I’m Crying!

Luke Bryan is well-known for his fresh and interesting take on country music. Over the last six years he’s been nominated for dozens of awards, and taken home more than can fit on a mantlepiece.

But Bryan is loved for more than just his music. Not only is he an active supporter of a number of charities including City of Hope and the Red Cross, he’s also just a downright likable guy. Anyone who has seen him onstage, joking around with the audience, will know he’s good for a few laughs.

I bet his fans never expected to see something like the video below, though. While campaigning for the 2010 ACM Top New Solo Vocalist award, Bryan held nothing back. And we do mean nothing.

The video below features a very special, and very hilarious, performance by Bryan–in a leotard!

Bryan dances around in a black leotard, white tights, and cowboy boots to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”. What makes this clip even funnier are his friends reactions to it! Dierks Bentley and Blake Shelton are on hand to witness the magic of Luke Bryan shaking his groove thing.

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