Malamute dog shares lake with ducks and swans

Malamute dog, ducks, and swans

‘Malamutes versus swans, ducks, and cygnets.’ The dog owner announces. ‘Who would come out on top? Will Teddy actually go all the way over there? Let’s find out.’

Teddy, an Alaskan Malamute, gently steps into the lake and wades across the water. His dog paddle is smooth, and there is no splashing. In the direction that Teddy swims towards, perched up north are a small flock of mute swans and a raft of ducks.

Ornithologists believe that the mute swan species are typically territorial and can become aggressive. But Teddy is oblivious to this information. Only his head above water as he maintains an elegant dog paddle.

Malamute dog and swans

This way, he looks like a ‘malagator’: a perfect Malamute meets Alligator blend. Teddy reaches a considerable distance mid-lake, very close to the swans. But they ignore him.

Teddy circles back to the bank of the lake where his fellow Malamute buddies are. After having a good shake-off and taking a breather, he returns to the lake.

He goes back and forth a few times, trying rather unsuccessfully to establish some form of interaction with the swans. The sheer force of determination this Malamute dog displays is a fascinating thing to watch.

Teddy has also proven to be, arguably, the friendliest Malamute there is. At least the friendliest of the group of Malamute dogs present at the lake.

He soon begins to move around in the lake, simply enjoying the water.

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