Mama Moose and Kids Beat the Heat Wave and Have Fun Thanks to Kind Humans

One of the joys of summer is frolicking around a lawn sprinkler on a hot day. Alaska is by no means immune to heat waves, believe it or not, and in recent years, the record-breaking temperatures in the Anchorage area led to an astonishing scene on one resident’s front lawn.

Candice Helm, of Eagle River, spotted a mama moose and her two calves wandering around the neighborhood. All three of them were panting, apparently having trouble coping with the abnormally warm weather. It would have been easy enough for Candice to ignore them, perhaps saying to herself, “Oh, I’m sure they’ll be okay.” Shooing the moose family away was another option.

But aside from not being very helpful, shooing the moose away might not have been such a good idea. Moose belongs near the top of your list of animals not to mess with. Most of the time, moose are placid herbivores who spend their days munching away on shrubs, moss, and various other plants — just like gentle deer.

But if a moose gets angry or feels threatened, they can get aggressive and very dangerous. All the more so if we’re talking about a mama moose who thinks her little ones are in danger. Oh, and they can run at upwards of 35 miles per hour: there’s no escape from an angry moose.

Candice found the best solution of all. As she told a reporter from a local TV station, “They just strolled around the house and looked hot. So we turned on the sprinklers, and they were happy.” As you’ll see in Candice’s video, which we’ve posted for you below, mama moose and her calves loved it! While mom stood there enjoying the cool mist, she refreshed youngsters ran rings around her and the sprinkler.

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Mama Moose and Kids Beat the Heat Wave and Have Fun Thanks to Kind Humans