Man Cuts Down Tree With Orphaned Squirrels. His Way Of Making It Up To Them? Amazing.

Ever have an encounter with a squirrel? I did, once. I saw that a young squirrel had somehow gotten himself stuck between my neighbor’s screen and window. I managed to lift the screen up enough — standing at the very edge of the window so that he wouldn’t jump out at me – and he wriggled out and scampered away. The guy in this video had a much more in-depth encounter with them.

Elliott Lambardo was just doing some yard work and he had to cut down a tree. Problem was… that tree was home to two orphaned squirrels. Ooops. They didn’t have anywhere else to go, so he took them and gave them a cage in his garage. Now they have bonded with him and this video shows them practicing their jumping.. with Lambardo as the landing spot. We get some camera-eye views of them coming at him.

Even though this a friendly squirrel, I’d have to say that the last shot of the video would give me heart palpitations if I ever walked by a tree and had a squirrel leap at me. I think my words would be in the vein of “AHHHHHHHHH! GET IT OFF ME! SQUIRREL ATTACK! GET IT OFF ME! GETITOFFME! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Well, whatever part of that was intelligible.

All kidding aside, those two squirrels stole my heart. They are so plucky and it looks like they are having a blast jumping onto Lambardo’s chest. These squirrels are also getting some serious air hang time. Michael Jordan in his prime would be jealous of this. He was so competitive as a player that he would probably learn how to talk in squirrel language so that they could give him some pointers on how to jump even higher.

I could watch these squirrels jump like this all day. Couldn’t you? They are so adorable! If you’ve had experience with squirrels, feel free to leave a comment. You can also tell us your thoughts in that same section too.

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