A Man Fed A Little Stray Kitty, But He Never Expected That It Would Come To THIS!

Every cat owner story starts up in more or less the same way. On one fateful day, a street cat visited someone’s home. He was hungry, and he had nowhere else to go, so he limited himself to meow at the window and hope for the best result possible. The man in the video was clearly endeared by the kitty, and for this one time, he got what he wanted. But the man certainly didn’t expect what would follow next!

He was kind enough to feed the cat for this day, but he never expected that his friends would follow next as well. On the next day after being fed, the cat brought some friends along so that they would find food as well. He of course was compelled by the returning cat and his two friends, so he decided to feed the three of them, too. And then the next day, more kitties came, and the cycle kept repeating on and on, until there was a bunch of kitties waiting to be fed!

After just a few days of helping the stray kitties, he had an entire neighborhood waiting for his food, too. Now I can understand why cat ladies exist! After seeing all those cuties gathered up together, who could resist giving them food?

Watch this precious moment with a whole family of kittens, in the video just below!

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