Man Finds Kitten Stuck In Flash Flood In Estonia. I Couldn’t Believe What He Did Next.

Technology and engineering are wonderful. The problem is, even despite a lot of advances in civil engineering, there are still a lot of places in a city that can get flooded if there’s heavy rain. Take this video that was filmed in Tallin, Estonia. It’s a thoroughly urban city, replete with chain stores. Still, a heavy rain is making the streets look like rivers. Nature is stronger… and it can catch people and animals unaware. Like the kitten that’s the focus of this video.

We see from the point of view inside the car. The camera zooms on a bedraggled kitten that is hugging the wall of a building, trying to avoid being swept away. A man jumps out of the car and runs to the wall – the water is making it difficult to tell what is street and what is sidewalk. He scoops up the kitten and after avoiding being hit by several cars that are driving through the water like it’s nothing, he returns to the car, where the video ends.

After the rescue, the men brought the kitty, whom they named Tilk, home where a friend of theirs gave it a forever home. They could go to bed that night knowing that they helped save this helpless kitten and also aid in giving it a new home. Now Tilk won’t have to worry when it rains again. He’ll be inside a warm apartment, probably sleeping while the rain hits the windows.

This video seriously made my day. Seeing this guy run through the flood waters to pick up this little kitten reaffirmed my faith in the human race. We need more guys like him out there and fewer ones like those that hold political office. Those people would probably ignore the kitten and just go on to wherever they need to go. Maybe these men should run for office – they might help the world become a better place.

I love rescue videos like this. Have you had an experience like this? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments section!

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