Man Goes To Help A Trapped Whale. But What He Did After? You Will Not BELIEVE It!

The sea is one of the most valuable treasures that mankind has access to on the planet. It is huge and vast, and you never know what you can find on its depths, or sometimes even its surface. This sailor, Michael Fishback, was on a boating trip in a place called the Sea of Cortez, and he witnessed a whale as it was trapped and motionless on fishing equipment. It wasn’t a good sight for him.

He leapt in the ocean right away, before things got even worse, and he made it his mission to save the helpless animal. He didn’t think of his safety first, he just got swimming as fast as he could towards the creature without any fear, to help him. You won’t believe what happens next, when you see the man finally make it. And the whale’s reaction to the help and rescuing? It’s awe inspiring when you see humans working with nature instead of against it!

You can see this amazing act of selflessness in the video just below! What did it make you think, or feel? Please share your opinion with us in the comments!

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