Man Loses Son To Motorcycle Accident. I Was So Moved By How He Honors His Memory.

I thought my wife and I had our hands full with two cats. It feels like one of us is constantly petting them and scooping out their litter box. There are people who have a lot more cats, and while some of them lead to negative connotations like “crazy cat lady”, having a lot of companions can be good. Then there’s this guy, Chris Arsenault, who takes care of a LOT of cats. Take a look at this video.

Arsenault, who is a retired train conductor, looks the part of a cat lover. His hair is longer, but it’s not shaggy or unkempt. There’s a cat that likes to walk around perched on his shoulders throughout the time that he’s on video. There’s 300 or so cats that have been brought in from various situations and he’s outfitted the house and yard to give them maximum comfort and accessibility. He does this to honor his deceased son. It started when he found 30 cats and rehabilitated them. Now this.

There are some that think he might have a hoarding condition. Actually, he’s rescued cats from true hoarding situations. He has volunteers help him and he also takes all of them to the vet regularly. His Happy Cat Sanctuary has been inspected twice by the ASPCA and has passed both times. Some neighbors have grumbled about smells, but there have been no official complaints. He’s learned how to do vaccinations, too. Judging by the number of cats that walk up to him to be pet, he’s doing just fine by them.

I have to admit – if I visited, I might feel unnerved by seeing 300 or more pairs of eyes staring at me. Forget about at night – I’d be hiding under a blanet to avoid seeing glowing eyes. Still, it’s nice that Arsenault has done this. I can’t imagine the pain that that he felt, losing his son. This is a good channel for his grief and he’s honoring his son this way by doing good. These cats will be forever grateful for his goodness.

How would you feel walking into a place with 300 cats? Would you be nervous or would you want to pet every single one of them? It’d probably be a mix of both. Please tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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