Man Puts Out Cupcake With Candle In It. You’ll Never Guess Who It’s For…

I’ve seen all kinds of birthday celebrations for animals. Of course, many of them aren’t aware of things like birthdays and the passage of time, but hey, it’s a nice way to celebrate their lives each year. People have had parties, with many other animals there and others have had smaller more intimate gatherings. This video shows a birthday celebration with an unusual guest of honor…

A man starts singing happy birthday and a pig emerges through those hanging plastic strips like those you see when your luggage comes out on the carousel. This is a gigantic pig. He waddles slowly up to a tree stump, where a lone cupcake sits, a single lit candle stuck in the middle of it. This is a birthday celebration and the pig is the guest of honor. Will he blow out the candle or attempt to eat it, lit candle and all?

The pig stares at the cupcake and the candle for a few seconds. He snorts out and blows out the candle in the process. His daddy takes it out and the pig starts snarfing down the cupcake. Hey, it’s his birthday and he can eat what he wants. Maybe the sugar might start making him feel active enough to run around and maybe shed a few pounds. Eh, that’s probably a pipe dream on my part.

I know that pigs are supposed to be heavy, but that one looked grossly overweight and unhealthy. Giving him a sugary treat as well probably didn’t help matters. This video was shot on March 22, 2016, so who knows what happened with the big guy after that. Hopefully he got to enjoy two candles on the cupcake in 2017. It is a cute video, but it’s tempered with concern about his health.

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