Man Surveys Calm Scene Near Alaskan Bay. I Wasn’t Ready For What Happened Next.

One of my favorite types of videos to watch are those of whales breaching the water. There’s just something majestic about them diving under the surface and then swimming up at a high rate of speed to burst out of the water to almost incredible heights. It seems like such an unfettered way for them to show their joy. I don’t think many whale watchers have had as close an encounter as this.

It’s a serene day as the guy taking the video surveys the scene near Resurrection Bay in Joseph Coleman Seward, Alaska. The boat is bobbing up and down in the water as seagulls fly around in a swarm about 100 feet away. We hear a voice asking if whales have breached near where the seagulls are. He wonders if the whales are going to breach again soon. Little does he know what’s going to happen.

All is calm then all of a sudden he says, “THEY’RE NEAR THE BOAT” and the camera swings over to a whole pod of humpback whales breaching the water. The seagulls come swarming near the whales. We hear the guy laughing giddily as he backs the boat REALLY quickly away from this group. It’s an experience that I would never forget if I were there. My pulse was pounding and I wasn’t even THERE.

Honestly, if this happened to me, I’d be checking my pants right afterwards, majesty of nature or no majesty of nature. Actually, the guy in the video made reference to doing just that. I can’t say I blamed him, seeing these leviathans literally less than 10 feet away. I’d be like, “THEY WERE THAT CLOSE TO DOING A MOBY DICK ON ME!” These are peaceful creatures, though he was smart to get further away.

Wow. I was still breathing hard after watching this twice. I can’t imagine what it was like to see up close and personal. What do you think? Have you had experience with something like this? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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