This Man Hiked 2,600 Miles – And Took A Selfie Every Mile

There are many ways people choose to embark on a spiritual journey. One that helps them rediscover who they are, what they are made of, and what they wish for themselves in the later run. It might be the mid-life crisis or something else that motivates a man to make an abrupt change in his life and sway away from material things for a while.

For some people, the best way to do this is to go to a far-away place like India. A place where they can be far from the usual distractions that plague their lives. Sometimes, the mere fact of being far from your cell phone can provide some sort of cleansing by itself. There are many places that people go to as a spiritual retreat. Some other people prefer to go to Tibet and go to a sanctuary where they can learn the skills of the way less traveled.


Other people take a more practical approach and only start making changes in their lives. One of the simplest ones is that they start allotting an hour of their time to meditate. There have been several studies on this practice that have shown the many benefits one can reap. From improved blood circulation to improvement in general health and decreased blood pressure, meditation has many advocates.

Other people turn to religion. It is true that when you are committed to a greater cause besides yourself, you can achieve a more elevated degree of contempt. People feel happier because they do things for others. When you live a life when all you think about is when the latest gadget, the smartphone or computer will come out, it can get very lonely very fast.


The man in the following video decided to take a different approach. He figured that the best thing he could do was to take a very long hike. He would use this time to reflect on how he had been living his life, about his decisions and future plans. He drew up a very challenging route and followed it. He also took a selfie every mile. Not only was this a spiritual journey for him, but being a little overweight, it would also prove to be a physical one. What he captured in the pictures was amazing.

This Man Hiked 2,600 Miles – And Took A Selfie Every Mile