This Man Was About to Use His Hammock when He Discovered Someone Else Was Already in It

I think most people can agree that animals like to be playful. We draw from examples like cats and dogs, but did you know that bears like to be playful too?

This man was out on his porch when he noticed that something was in his hammock. Upon closer inspection, he realized that it was a bear cub. He immediately began recording the bear, and you won’t believe what he captured.


The bear cub is having a grand old time in the hammock, rocking back and forth. Then he falls off, and I probably laughed harder than I should have, but gosh, that was cute. He is right back into it though and finds the sweet spot again for a bit more rocking.

There are a few more antics to enjoy and laugh about, but I don’t want to spoil them all. Enjoy the clip that this man was lucky enough to capture. While this little cub sure is cute, I would probably be worried about where mama bear is.