Maniac Started Beating A Poor Dog & Left Him For Dead, But Watch What THIS Biker Did! WOW!

Brandon Turnbow is a biker from Burleson, Texas. He was out on his motorcycle, on his way to meet his dad, when he saw a tiny white dog being beaten on the side of a highway. The abuser threw the poor pooch onto the curb and drove off. He left the dog for dead. But that’s when Brandon stepped into the scene and saved the dog’s life.

He picked up the dog, named him Mr. Davidson, since he already has a dog called Harley, and now the little dog is his co-pilot! Mr. Davidson rode with Brandon for the rest of the day and by then, he had grown quite attached to the little dog. Not to mention the dog had the time of his life riding a motorcycle all day!

In the end, Brandon decided to adopt the pooch and give him a loving forever home. He now lives with Brandon and his family, who are happy to have another dog join them.

This experience even inspired Brandon to start a non-profit organization called Baaang Bikers Against Animal Abuse National Global. Brandon also wrote a song about his new dog and it is quickly going viral! That’s what you’ll hear in this clip, not to mention that you will see a lot of furry biker pals in their leathers. They even have helmets and sunglasses to protect them when they ride.

These dogs are having the time of their life being their owner’s sidekicks on their bikes. This song is great and so are these dogs.

Watch his original song and music video below! Did this story touch your heart? Let us know in the comments!

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