Mare was pregnant with her first foal – what happened next is incredible!

Life can be full of surprises, throwing up challenges and unexpected events at any given moment. It can be especially interesting when something unusual happens – like when we’re sure of one thing and we’re given something completely different entirely! Imagine then – how it must have felt for Jenni and her pregnant mare, Daisy!

Jenni adored her horse and was understandably excited – but more than a little nervous – when she became pregnant with her first foal. But when Daisy was a week overdue, Jenni became anxious. She had a colleague from the Saratoga Stud breeding farm in South Africa come and check on the condition of the mare as they sought to guide her through the final days of her pregnancy. It was a nail-biting time!

As if she was waiting for help to arrive, right on cue Daisy began to give birth and deliver her first foal. They had arrived just in time to assist Daisy with the birth, and Don Quixote was brought into the world! However, considering Daisy was such a large size through the pregnancy, they were surprised at how small Don Quixote was in comparison.

And that’s when it happened. Just when they thought the drama was over, Jenni’s dogs began going wild and barking the place down. They spotted something else. Jenni and her colleague were astonished to see Daisy was giving birth to twins! They had absolutely no idea that another foal was on the way! Jenni and her colleague Guy just managed to get Don Quixote out of the way as Daisy delivered a second foal! Jenni very fittingly named her Duet.

Ordinarily, a second foal has a much slimmer chance of surviving, but it seemed that both these beautiful creatures were full of life as they took their first steps in this new world. Jenni really can’t believe that she has not one, but two gorgeous new foals on her hands. And well-done Daisy for managing to keep that secret quiet! What an incredible day on the farm!

Don’t miss this amazing video below to see the first steps of these two gorgeous little horses – and marvel at how much they enjoy exploring how their legs work! It looks like they’re going to be well taken care of and grow up to be strong and powerful. Share the footage with any horse lovers in your family – it’s a must watch!