Massive Bear Bulldozes His Way Into Cabin And Scares Himself

Now and then, the security cameras in our homes capture incredible footage. This homeowner’s camera caught a stubborn bear breaking into their cabin! A little old door would not deter him. You can hear him hit it once, but you don’t know what is happening until he smashes through it the second time.

The door whips open and smashes into the wall behind it. Wood from the frame flies off and lands around the room. The bear looks around perplexed for a moment. It is as if he is thinking, “Dang, that was way louder than it needed to be!” Fun fact bears dislike loud noises!

He takes a few cautious steps inside the cabin, but I think the loud smash still had him unsettled. He looks around the room and doesn’t seem to find anything worth hanging around for. No insects, no trees, no food…

He just stands there for a moment and then walks out quietly, almost disappointed. I’m sure it alarmed the homeowners when they found the obliterated door, and nothing else appeared out of place. How shocking it must have been to watch this footage!