Maymo The Cute Pupper Falls In Love With His New Gorilla Friend! AWW

Few things are more adored by dogs all around the world than their own personal toys that they use to play every day. For a pet parent to buy their doggy a nice gift, it can be really tricky, because you never know if the item you get them is going to be their next big hit, or something that they discard right away without a second thought. And those things can get expensive, too! So it would naturally be pretty scary to get something so strange for your dog, like the giant stuffed gorilla that these dog owners got for their sweet four legged friend in the video right below!

Naturally, at first glance, Maymo is pretty confused about the new addition to his home. He approaches the big gorilla toy with caution, but very obvious curiosity. As dogs usually do, the first thing that he considers doing to the gorilla is biting him and challenging it for a fight! And since the toy is so big and fluffy, it is perfect not only for casual wrestling matches, but for the naps that always follow afterwards too, don’t you think? Maymo definitely agrees!

You can watch this doggo and his strange but happy new toy right below!

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