Maymo The Dog Minding His Business And A Skeleton Appears, Watch His Reaction

Pranks can be fun to play on unsuspecting people and animals. We have to be careful with the ones that we play on our furry or feathered friends, though. They trust us to not do anything to harm them and if we do anything to undercut that, even if we mean it in good fun, it can be VERY hard to get that trust back. So, think about how an animal might see a prank before pulling it. This one, though, is a great one.

We see Maymo, a beagle, sleeping on a sofa. Suddenly, a skeleton pops out of the archway to the living room and promptly disappears. Maymo raises his head. Hmm. Then we see a head pop out behind him on the sofa and then goes back under it. What was that? Was something there? The skeleton shows up again at the archway. Yes! Maymo knew there was something there. He charges off the sofa.

This “skeleton” comes at Maymo from all angles, but unlike the majority of the victims in a horror movie, he doesn’t run. No. Maymo wants to play. There are times that he seems to be trying to dance along with the skeleton as it bobs up and down on the strings. He also clearly sees that it’s his daddy that’s holding the skeleton. No sirree… this is not a scared dog – he leaves that to others.

There were some people commenting that this was scaring Maymo. That’s far from true – he’s not running, he’s not cowering under the sofa. Instead he’s like… “Why must you taunt me with these bones that aren’t real. Do you realize how many dogs you could make so happy here?” He’s fearless too, play-biting at the skeleton. Then again, it does make you wonder how he would act if it was a real intruder.

Maymo is the best, isn’t he? I put him up there with Charlie the Beagle as one of the top YouTube dogs. What do you think? Tell us in the comments below and also please “Like” us on Facebook.

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