When He Meets His Baby Sister For The First Time, The Question He Asks Had Me Cracking Up!

Bringing a baby into the world is one of the most beautiful things two parents can do. But if they are bringing a second child into their family, the first sibling introduction can be nerve racking. Will he or she like the new baby? Will they be nice or mean? Will they feel jealous? Questions like this are normal and after the first meeting is done, they are usually resolved.

So when this family introduced the young toddler to his baby sister, they were overjoyed to see that he loved her. But when he asks this silly question, everyone bursts out laughing.

The little boy is so excited to see his baby sister. He kisses her and can’t wait to have her come back home with him. He promises to be nice to his little sister and loves that she is wiggling around.

After he gets used to the idea that this cute baby girl is his sister he starts to get to know her.

“Her belly is right here,” the little boy says as he gently pats her stomach. “Her legs are right here. And her feet are right here.”

“You’re right,” mom says.

“Where’s her weenie?” the boy asks.

Mom and Dad (who is holding the camera) both laugh at the silly question and how innocent their little boy still is.

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