Men wearing lion masks take the stage, perform epic dance routine that has crowd cheering

For the bride and groom, a wedding is The Big Day. Unless they’ve eloped, friends and family are gathered together to see them officially launch their lives as an item. It can be an emotional day for parents, joyous but with just a hint of the bittersweet since they’re “giving away” their children. Whichever of the many different wedding traditions are incorporated into an event, there’s virtually always dancing afterward.

One lucky bride was treated to a choreographed dance spectacular thanks to her seven brothers. She was the only girl among the brood, but it isn’t clear whether that meant she was spoiled, tormented, or a bit of both. In any case, the seven brothers decided to celebrate and show their appreciation for her by putting on a wonderful show. The really remarkable thing is that they put it all together, including rehearsals, in only six hours.

The brothers ranged in age from 15 to 46 but that didn’t prevent them from working together perfectly. They started out with a remix of “King of Africa” from “The Lion King,” complete with lion masks — the song’s introduction symbolizes a sister being protected by her brothers. Next there was an interlude of salsa music. Then the seven dancing brothers grabbed their white fedoras and channeled the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. Now it was time for some music from Bollywood (India’s prolific movie industry). For the song “Kajra Re,” one of the brothers had to swallow his pride, don a shawl and play the bride. After all that, Beyonce, the “Electric Slide,” and Apache followed. As the brothers noted on-line: “The final song is by One Direction, ‘That’s What Makes You Beautiful,’ where we get our sister to sit in the middle of the dance floor and we dance around her. She welled up with tears of joy.”

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