A Mercedes covers two parking bays – but the revenge is so sweet!

There’s really no excuses for bad parking, yet everywhere you go, you’ll see evidence of people not really understanding the rules of the road. Cars will be abandoned, covering more than one space, blocking other traffic or even in a disabled bay with no right to be – and these motorists need to be taught a lesson!

It’s the owners of expensive vehicles that somehow are the guiltiest culprits, and it is particularly irksome to see a pricey car taking up more space than is required. Perhaps these people see is as a sense of entitlement – that they deserve more room for their posh motorcar? Nonetheless, it is invariably Mercedes, BMW or Audi owners that can’t park their vehicles to save their lives! They also have a problem remembering the cars are fitted with turning signals – but that’s a story for another time!

So, when this man returns to his Mercedes Mini-SUV he’s in for the shock of his life! He’s parked up at a mall to visit an electronics store, but it looks like he doesn’t quite understand what those little white lines on the tarmac are for. He abandons his vehicle straddling a white line and taking up two spaces. On this occasion, the car park isn’t too busy – but we’ve all be there when we can’t get a space and some moron has pulled a stunt like this!

But help is at hand this time to teach him a lesson – in the form of two giant jeeps! These car-park heroes have stepped in to show this ignorant driver he’s not the only one on the road, and they’ve sandwiched his precious Merc and blocked him in! It’s going to be interesting to see how he deals with this one.

He’s clearly an angry young man when he can’t see the obvious joke and aggressively kicks out at the jeep’s tyres. You’re not going to come off better in that confrontation we assure you! The watching pranksters are giggling with glee as this frustrated man tries to enter his vehicle – but the only way he can is through the trunk! He’s lucky he drives a hatch-back – otherwise, he might have been there a very long time!

The impatient buffoon dives in over the back seats and eventually gets the vehicle running and flees the scene of the crime. Perhaps he’ll think twice in future about being so selfish when parking this badly! Check out the video below – and remember there are other people on the road!