Middle School Girl Has Hot Lunch Thrown Out In Front Of Her. The Reason Made Me Mad.

One thing that really has to hurt a parent is seeing their kids unable to eat a meal at school. They may work their fingers to the bone but still not have enough to pay for a hot meal for their child. What if it was a bureaucratic screw-up that caused a possible embarrassing incident to occur? We saw that in this video about how a school official needlessly threw out a hot meal in front of a student.

At the time of the incident, Emma Keller was a fifth-grader at a middle school. Her mother had her on a reduced-cost meal plan. The meals had been free, but then a change in policy had been enacted… though the school didn’t send Keller’s mom a letter about it until AFTER the incident. What happened was that Keller had her meal -hot tacos – taken away from her and dumped in the garbage. She was then given a cheese sandwich and milk.

Sadly, there are those who look down on these kids for even eating reduced-cost meals. To then have a meal taken away and thrown in the garbage in front of all the students is being unnecessarily cruel. The fact that it happened over a .75 cent debt is beyond reprehensible. Doing this over ANY amount is awful but for less than a dollar shows no compassion whatsoever.

The school did say that the hot meals can’t be re-served due to health regulations, but it would have been one thing to take it back behind a counter and later throw it out as opposed to almost rub Keller’s nose in the mud over her situation. I hope that this makes other schools think about how they would handle this were it to happen at their cafeteria. If we were all a bit more compassionate, things would be a lot different.

This video made me upset that adults could treat a young child like this. She’s still emotionally fragile and that could really damage her in her later years. What did you think of it? Please tell us your thoughts!

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