Military mom was away for 6 months – when reunited, watch her dogs’ amazing reactions

Leaving home to work overseas in the military can be an exciting challenge, full of adventure and the chance to do something good in the world. But leaving behind your loved ones is a difficult trade-off – and it can be particularly heart-breaking when the time comes to say goodbye.

Heather was another military mom who had to leave her babies behind when she signed up for her army training, and it was soul destroying when she had to attend boot camp for 6 months and bid her farewells to her family. But they weren’t the human kind – Heather was the proud mom of three, huge German Shepherds!

While we as humans have the ability to process departures and absence, our four-legged friends do not have such luxury. You can most notably tell this when you come in from work after only being gone a few hours and the sheer joy and elation that your pet shows, barking the house down and possibly peeing on the carpet with excitement at the same time. When we leave an animal – they have no knowledge or understanding as to when we will return – if we return at all!

As a result, pets can become very depressed when their humans leave them for whatever reason and for however long. Dogs especially miss mom and dad when they’re not around, as they have no way of knowing when they will be back to scratch their bellies and throw the ball. And give them food – which is probably one of the most important things!

So, imagine how Heather’s K9 companions must have felt when she left them to train for 6 months? They must have been miserable! They probably thought that their human had gone forever! Why would she leave us? Did we do anything wrong?! Are they coming back?! All these thoughts and more must pass through a dogs brain the second you are out the door!

But fast forward to the moment their mom returns – and that’s what awaits you when you watch this amazing video below. The animal’s reactions are priceless and we’re very happy she managed to catch it all on video. This will surely make your day – and while you’re at it, go give your dog a big hug, and if you’ve not got a pooch – go and adopt one! They really are man and woman’s best friend after all!