This Miniature Horse Is Just 3 Days Old, This Baby Melt Your Heart In An Instant!

When it comes to animals we don’t have to tell you that we are obsessed with them. We just love animals and want to see as much of them as possible. Because we love to watch them so much it is no surprise that most of us are guilty of going online and watching as many animal videos as we can. I mean they make us happy and leave us smiling so really where is the downside?

Well when it comes to looking up animal videos we definitely have a wide variety to choose from. There are millions of videos uploaded every week of all types of different animals doing different things so we definitely can watch whatever we’d like. Because we have the ability to search for whatever type of video we’d like it really is no surprise that the type of video that is most sought after are of baby animals.

Baby animals are just adorable. They are precious miniatures of their adult parents and are so sweet and innocent to the world that it is impossible to not want to watch them. Well in this featured video you will get to see one adorable little baby that we promise you will never want to take your eyes off of. This is a perfect of example of why videos of baby animals are so popular.

This video shows a baby miniature horse who is only three days old! This little guy is teeny, tiny and is being allowed out of his pen for the very first time. The man in the video is Sterling and Sterling is helping this little guy adjust to his surroundings. This little baby horse clearly isn’t sure of where to go or what to do but that’s alright with him, he is just starting to figure it all out after all.

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