Mom Couldn’t Calm Crying Baby. Then The Dog Does THIS!

Dogs are such loving creatures and when they are part of a family, they make sure to do their fair share of work and are great baby sitters for any little ones as well. Their watchful eyes and protective natures make them great guardians of any infants you may have in your home. This video is proof of how loving they really are.

When Charlie the beagle hears baby Olivia whimper (their hearing is much, much better than ours), the dog quickly rushes to the crib. He’s probably trained to do this or has observed his humans do this many times, but what he does takes me by surprise. The Beagle lifts his paw and rocks the cradle, comforting his baby sister so that she can sleep better.

Babies can get restless and need constant attention, but this dog definitely proves to be the best big brother and best friend in times of need. He does look up to his human for a treat or an affirmation if what he is doing is ok, but it also shows how much he loves his baby sister.

This is just one part of the many reasons why I absolutely adore dogs – they just seem so much more human than many humans I know. Don’t believe what he does? Watch the video for yourself! Has your pet done something as adorable and loving for your infant? SHARE this video with your friends and tell us your stories in the section below.

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