Mom Finally Finds Their Missing Cat, And Watch How The Kids React

Having a pet go missing is one of the worst experiences ever. All that worrying can really stress you out and that feeling of loss, of losing a family member, is very real and very strong.

The family in this video lost their cat some time ago, and they weren’t really sure how she got out of the house. Their 13-year-old cat had been missing for two months. Everyone in the family was worried about her and they were all hoping for her safe return, but they couldn’t find her after many searches.

The video starts with two of the kids on the couch covering their faces with pillows and their mom is telling them not to peek. They don’t know what the surprise is, but they suspect their cat has been found. Sure enough, the mom and daughter found her at a nearby gas station following two little girls, perhaps hoping to find a home, and she was brought back home! Watch the emotional reunion of the kids and their beloved cat!

Tears of joy are everywhere! Everyone in the family is so happy to see her and has to promise to be gentle with her as she is in a bit of shock after being away so long. The two boys in the family are especially emotional about the return of their beloved pet and both of them cry tears of joy and relief at not having to worry anymore.

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