Mom Gets Her Kids A GIANT Present For Christmas. Now Watch What’s Beneath The Paper! Surprise!

This heartwarming story comes to us from our friends at Military homecoming surprises are some of the most heartwarming moments that exist, and this Christmas surprise might just take the cake. A navy dad gave his kids the Christmas surprise of a lifetime and his wife caught it on film.

The heartwarming moment happened just days before Christmas. Scott Lee Stevens, a naval engineer, came home from a Mediterranean deployment early for the holidays, but his kids had no idea.

Mom, Ruth Stevens, covered dad in wrapping paper and put the large gift in the family’s living room. The kids, Alfie and Lily, came down the stairs bewildered to see such a large gift waiting for them. The siblings tore into the wrapping paper and are surprised as dad pops out and exclaims, “Boo!”

The kids yell, “Daddy, daddy, daddy!” as they see their father for the first time in three months. Mrs. Stevens uploaded the video on Facebook and wrote, “Elf brought daddy home early for Xmas.” The sweet video has now been watched millions of times on the LAD bible’s Facebook page.

The tear-jerking moment has gone viral and Mrs. Stevens asks users to share if it puts a smile on their face.  We’re sure nothing Santa brings will top this gift! What a great Christmas surprise for these kiddos and thanks to mom for recording it and sharing it with us.

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