This Mom Got Her Deaf Daughter A Dog To Help Her Cope With Her Disability! She Never Could Have Guessed What Happened Next!

Dogs are definitely four legged angels. Proof of this is how they collaborate with us humans in several different ways. They are invaluable support in rescue missions, law enforcement and therapy. It should probably come as no surprise that dogs are an excellent alternative as help for kids with special needs. The following heartwarming story is a great example! I definitely think that pups are truly humanity’s best friend. The special way that people and dogs interact is sometimes beyond comprehension. For this little girl, her dog redefined what it means to be furry companion.

Meet Neeva. She’s a 4 year old girl that was unfortunately born deaf and has trouble with her speech. Her mom, knowing that Neeva needed a friend, searched for a rescue dog for her daughter. She found Baxter the dog at the Animal Humane shelter in New Mexico and decided to bring Baxter home. Mom was ecstatic to see that Neeva and Baxter instantly got along together, further than that, there was something else. Something incredibly special: Neeva was communicating with Baxter through sign language!

If you watch the video below, you’ll see Neeva giving commands to Baxter through sign language. It’s incredible to see the bond that has formed between Neeva and Baxter.


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