Mom Sets Up Her Quadruplets. Watch The One On The Far Left Closely! Cuteness

Babies are an amazing bundle of joy to all parents. Taking care of them is never easy that is for sure. So much patience and tolerance is needed not to mention your full focus and all of your energy. It is a full time job to look after one child let alone four! Taking care of quadruplets is hard to say the least, but this mom has a system.

In the video the woman is ready to start changing her babies and she lines them all up in a row like an assembly line. Poor mom has to round them up again and again as they keep moving away as she starts to work on one.

Most of us would most likely give up out of frustration, or may be even hired some help, but this mother is dead set on doing this funny routine by herself. Even though the video is sped up, you can witness how adept and incredible this mom is at keeping her kids lined up and then putting on onesies like she invented it.

She has the babies help out too. They have to hold a clean diaper while she changes the one that is on them. They all hang in there and do their part to help mom but the one on the end is hilarious. Check out this adorable video clip and then comment below as well as share it with all of your friends.

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