Mom Stages Hilarious Thanksgiving ‘Pregnant Turkey’ Prank. Her Daughter’s Reaction? PRICELESS!

Holidays are a time to gather your family and loved ones together, and take the time to appreciate having them in your life. Thanksgiving is a perfect time for that, because it also centers around eating amazing food, and who doesn’t love that?

But what happens when families gather round? Oftentimes, it means somebody is going to get pranked. That’s what families are for, right?

The mom in the video below definitely thinks so. We don’t know where she came up with the idea for this one, but this prank left everyone in tears. Including the poor victim!

Mom hovers nearby while her daughter scoops out the stuffing from the turkey. It’s clear she’s waiting for something, but what? When her daughter finds what’s hidden inside, she totally loses it! Based on her sister’s uncontrollable laughter, there was more than one prankster in on this joke.

Before putting in the stuffing, mom stuffed another small bird inside the cavity. When her daughter finds the little body, she thinks the turkey was pregnant all along! Guess she forgot one important thing: turkeys lay eggs!

Watch this hilarious Thanksgiving Day prank in the video below!

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