Momma Tells This Dog To Get Out Of The Crib! What He Does Instead? I Nearly DIED Laughing!

Dogs are not only excellent companions but also an endless source of entertainment and mirth. They entertain and make us laugh with their antics and their boundless energy. This video captures an extremely energetic dog that proves to be a great source of laughter for the entire family.

Humphrey is a Boston terrier who knows what it takes to keep the family in good spirits. In this video we see him jump in and out of a baby’s crib! He is told to get out of the crib at first and he obliges. But soon he is back in the crib and the requests of the mommy fall on deaf ears. Mommy finally lets him stay in the crib when he refuses to leave. It’s apparent that he shares a strong bond with the baby but would also like to share the crib!

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