Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis in HD + The Monarch Manifesto

Watch a cute little caterpillar transform into a majestic Monarch butterfly. It’s a great example of the weird and wonderful variety in creation.

The Monarch butterfly is a rare beauty. Just watch as it changes from a stripey little caterpillar into the orange king of the skies, fast, and brave, and supremely beautiful.

The Monarch has the distinction of being one of the only butterflies to migrate. Typically, the Monarch lives for about six months, but every couple of generations a butterfly is born who can live for 2 years.

It is this generation that migrates, traveling south to the breeding grounds in Mexico. There, forests are filled with millions of orange wings. It’s a breathtaking sight to behold. Scientists have been studying this migration, and there are even efforts to tag the butterflies as they travel south for the winter.

I myself have had the chance to participate in a Monarch release, placing tiny stickers on their delicate wings before setting them free. It’s a magical thing to hold a butterfly, but not as magical as the knowledge that I was able to help uncover the mysteries of the Monarch.

Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis in HD + The Monarch Manifesto