Mother Cow Heartbroken When Separated From Her Baby. Watch Them Reunited

The mother-child bond is about the strongest one there is and not just for people, either. Cows and their calves have been observed to have very strong feelings of attachment for each other. For example, when hearing recorded cattle sounds, calves show a marked preference for their mother’s voices. Cows are also very social creatures and become very upset if they’re alone, even for just a few hours.

Jay Weiner and Ellie Laks, co-owners of the Gentle Barn animal sanctuary, rescued a cow named Karma from a farm where she was kept in very bad conditions. During her first night at the sanctuary, Karma cried and mooed for hours on end. Jay and Ellie had no idea what the problem was until they noticed milk dripping from her udder. And sure enough, when they went back to the farm, they found out the owner hadn’t told them about Karma’s calf!

Separated from her mother, Karma’s baby was obviously under a tremendous amount of mental and emotional stress. She was also exhausted and badly in need of nourishment. Jay and Ellie got her into the trailer and took her to the sanctuary. When they got back, Karma, who was in a nearby pen, seemed to know what was going on. She got up, looked keenly in the direction of the trailer and mooed enthusiastically.

The poor calf collapsed from stress and hunger right after walking out of the trailer, but she got up after a little bit and was led over to the pen where her mother was waiting. In the video we’ve posted below, you’ll see the heartwarming reunion of a mother and her baby.

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