Mother Find Son’s Baseball Mitt 40 Years Later in Thrift Store

Whenever you go to the thrift store, you never know what you might walk out with. There’s always a myriad of clothes, household appliances, and books to choose from. One couple got a surprise when they went to a Goodwill in Florida.

Julie and Michael Lisi raised their three children in Ohio, where one of their sons played baseball. Around 1978, one of his baseball gloves went missing, and they didn’t think anything of it at the time.

After their kids had grown up, Julie and Michael retired in Florida. Julie was a big fan of Goodwill and shopped there regularly. She went weak in the knees when she stumbled upon her son’s baseball glove from 40 years earlier.

It had his name on it, and Goodwill was 1,000 miles away from where they once lived in Ohio. She knew she had to buy it and bring it home to show her family—what a priceless moment the entire Lisi family can share.

Mother Find Son\'s Baseball Mitt 40 Years Later in Thrift Store