Musical Family Transform Les Miserables Into Hilarious Lockdown Song

The musical Marsh family delivers a hilarious funny version of “One Day More” from the Broadway production “Les Miserables.” Their creative rendition reinvents the classic song, showing us all how us all the best way to handle hard times. Themed around lockdown, the brilliant reinvention showcases six voices coming together as a family to warm the hearts of others isolated, stuck, or detained.

Ben and Danielle Marsh sing with their kids in a song that is brilliant only begins to describe. From the lyrics that couldn’t ring truer to their sheer chemistry in singing together, the whole parody is sure to brighten your day no matter what you may be going through. Just seeing their joy is infectious.

The Marsh family headed up by Ben and Danielle have put together a lockdown version of the “Les Miserables” classic “One Day More” that you’ll be listening to over and over again. The sheer wit of the words will captivate you, while their cheery attitude and close-knit family togetherness is a pleasure to see.