Nature Geeks: Discover The Exciting Nocturnal World of Bug Light Trapping

If Bugs Are a Pest for You Skip This Clip – If You Are However a Budding Entomologist (Bug Person) – This Is Definitely for You!

If you are into entomology, that is the study of bugs or has a keen interest in it as a possible hobby, do not stop reading here. Although the collection of some of the millions of types of bugs and finding out more about them can be a pretty interesting and none financially taxing hobby, information about the bugs of the world and their locations are far from complete. Your information gathered can even be of interest to a professional entomologist.

Someone who definitely falls in the category of highly educated and experienced entomologists is Dr. Gavin Broad. The 27 million specimens of insects in the collection he manages are still not enough for him and he needs and wants more and wants to know more about things like their distribution. Why? Because this hobby is his life, as Principal Curator in Charge of Entomology, at London’s Natural History Museum.

You do not have to catch and kill, with a simple process of night light trap catching you can just catch and capture, on video. David mentions that there are quite a number of Facebook groups where enthusiasts share their find. What might seem boring or of little interest to some, can actually hold valuable information for those in the know. For example, insect movements are not stagnant, so if species of one area are found in a new area, it can have an effect on the echo system.

In this Natural History Museum released video, David mention that through one of these Facebook groups there was a recording of a month, which was only the second recording ever of this type of moth. David’s enthusiasm is very contagious, so if you watch this short video, be prepared to spend tonight outdoor with a flashlight and bed sheet.

Nature Geeks: Discover The Exciting Nocturnal World of Bug Light Trapping