Naughty Pittie puppy grows to become a tolerant big brother

Alyssa had a Pitbull at home named Maya. One day she brought home a puppy Pitbull named Mack. According to Alyssa, Mack came in like a “wrecking ball.” He would always try to irritate Maya in every possible way.

Maya had never met a puppy before meeting her foster brother Mack. The pup would sit on Maya without thinking the elder dog sibling might get hurt. Thankfully, it took Maya just a day before she got used to Mack’s tantrums.

Maya and Mack soon became best buddies. Mack would always look at Maya for inspiration. Alyssa was excited when she saw that the two dogs got along nicely. Mack would always follow Maya and do things that she did.

Mack considered Maya his mother. But, on the other hand, Maya thrived having a little friend with her all the time. They loved each other and would always spend time together. Yet, surprisingly, Mack always considered himself a puppy even after growing up.

He would sit on Maya like he used to do when he was small. That was his way of annoying Maya. But, on the contrary, Maya never used to mind such acts and loved it when Mack did such antics with her.

When Mack was a year old, Alyssa decided to foster another dog. Although she was anxious about how Mack would react to a third dog, she somehow managed to bring in a new puppy. As a result, Mack got to experience how Maya used to feel when he was a puppy and was naughty with her.

Both Maya and Mack were very overwhelmed by the new puppies. Mack began acting the way Maya did with him when he was small. Mack was a neutral dog when it came to interacting with other dogs. He learned this from watching Maya and learning how she used to interact with the other dogs. Mack was gentle and sweet with the puppies all the time.

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