This new born was crying so his big sister did this to calm him! Adorable!

This video will show the extreme innocence of young children. Their purity will shine through their acts and behavior. I have always loved children because they are so pure and innocent, and the kids in this video prove it.

In this video, Kate and Luke are welcoming home their new baby brother, but he seems to be a little fussy. He’s lying in the crib while his siblings look over the edge, very curious about this tiny baby. He’s red faced and crying and the two siblings don’t know what to do to make him feel better.

Their mother suggests to Kate that she sing “Baby Mine” to calm him down. When she starts singing, you get to witness a beautiful moment. It doesn’t take long before the baby stops crying, and not only does he stop, he looks up at his sister. It’s so sweet. But when she stops singing, the baby starts to cry again.

So Dad helps her to remember the next verse, and she starts singing again, and the crying stops! I bet dad uses this trick a lot in the future! But the little girl has had enough, and when she finishes the song, she’s ready to move on to the next thing. Baby brother is already not very interesting.

Check out this short little video capturing the moment. Also, tell us how you felt listening to the girl’s voice and her efforts to calm her baby brother down. Let us know everything in the comment section below.