This New Kind Of Robbery Has Americans TERRIFIED. Have You Seen It? Scary!

Robbery and theft have always been a problem, since the beginning of society. It has stayed after all this time, despite the implementation of more and more law enforcement, and in the end, we should never hold any measures of safety to protect our property. This is because thieves are always finding new ways to rip off or take people’s money or goods away. Like the ones that are shown in the video brought to you today. Your jaw will drop when you see how these criminals get away with their scheme!

Jim Wood, who works as a Police Department Officer in Houston, TX, says that this type of theft is growing more and more common these days. That’s because most of their victims don’t notice that they were robbed until they’re already very far away from the crime scene, and it’s far too late. This technique is referred to as “sliding”, and it consists in robbing people while they are filling their tank at the gas station. The thief waits for the right time to engage and before you know it, he’s already gone with your stuff!

Wow, I’m glad that I’ve seen this, I’ll be much more careful now. What did you think? Leave us a comment, and share the video! It could save a life!

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