Airline Refuses To Let Dad And Newborn On Flight. Senior Woman Says ‘You’re Coming With Me’

Act of KindnessAirlines can make their own policies regarding the age that they will accept children on a flight.  Frontier airlines policy states that a child must be at least 7 days old to fly on their airline.

Recently, Rubin Swift was awarded custody of his newborn baby girl from Arizona. When he arrived at the hospital, he met a volunteer by the name of Joy Ringhofer.  The built an instant connection and exchanged phone numbers.    

Act of Kindness

Rubin then left the hospital with all the required documentation necessary to board a flight back to his home in Ohio.  When he arrived at the ticket counter, he was informed that his daughter had to be 7 days old to fly and at the time she was only 4.   

Rubin knew that he could not stay in the airport with a newborn baby for three days because he would be at risk of losing the custody he had just gained.  So, he picked up the phone and called Joy.

Joy, without hesitation, told Rubin to stay there that she was coming to get him and bringing him home.  Rubin laughs and says he thought she meant she was bringing him back to Ohio, but Joy opened her home and brought the father and daughter in until he was able to catch a flight back to Ohio.

The two have stayed with Joy and she is in love with the baby girl.  Rubin has a new airline ticket to go back home and feels blessed that Joy opened her home to them while they had to wait.  Frontier Airlines did wave the transfer fees to assist in getting Rubin and his daughter back to begin their new life.

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